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OutMatch is a SaaS company providing industry-leading hiring and development solutions. Their award-winning platforms deliver critical data missing from the hiring and development process giving managers clear, measurable, and predictive insight into candidates and new hires.

OutMatch is the result of a merger between two key players in human capital management -- Assess Systems and Chequed.com. As a newly formed company, OutMatch needed a new brand identity to help establish authority in the HCM space. The new identity had to tell the story of who OutMatch is at its core: A modern and forward thinking SaaS company built on a foundation of honesty, transparency, and integrity.

As well as managing the merger, OutMatch needed fresh imagery, clean lines, bold shapes and bright colors were used to tell this story. Clever use of negative space and type treatment creates a sense of flowing data and connectivity. The end result is a sophisticated and savvy aesthetic, establishing OutMatch as a disruptive force in the HCM space.


Testimonial Video From Mikki Hughes, VP of Human Resources, LaQuinta


Looping ROI Animation Displayed On iPad Kiosks At Tradeshows
(There Is No Audio Due To The Noise In The Tradeshow Hall. Created Before Assess Systems Became OutMatch)

Internal Marketing Video for TriNet
(Created Before Assess Systems Became OutMatch)

Magazine Article Layout

Magazine Article Layout

Brand Awareness Social Media Ad For The Retail Vertical

Brand Awareness Social Media Ad For The Hospitality Vertical

Brand Awareness Social Media Ad For The Call Center Vertical

Brand Awareness Social Media Ad For The Restaurant Vertical

Brand Style Guide - Color Palette

Brand Style Guide - Logo Usage

Brand Style Guide - Primary Typeface

Brand Style Guide - Secondary Typeface

Business Cards

Business Cards

Business Cards

Stationary Package