Creative Direction / Brand Identity Design

OutMatch is a SaaS company providing industry-leading hiring and development solutions. Their award-winning platforms deliver critical data missing from the hiring and development process giving managers clear, measurable, and predictive insight into candidates and new hires.

OutMatch is the result of a merger between two key players in human capital management -- Assess Systems and Chequed.com. As a newly formed company, OutMatch needed a new brand identity to help establish authority in the HCM space. The new identity had to tell the story of who OutMatch is at its core: A modern and forward thinking SaaS company built on a foundation of honesty, transparency, and integrity.

Fresh imagery, clean lines, bold shapes and bright colors were used to tell this story. Clever use of negative space and type treatment creates a sense of flowing data and connectivity. The end result is a sophisticated and savvy aesthetic, establishing OutMatch as a disruptive force in the HCM space.


Magazine ad for the retail vertical.


Magazine ad for the call center vertical.


Magazine ad for the restaurant vertical.

Social media ad for a brand awareness campaign in the hospitality vertical.

Social media ad for a brand awareness campaign in the retail vertical.