Project Management / Franchise Development / Creative Direction / Brand Identity Design / Graphic & Web Design

Modoma is a medically directed health and wellness clinic. Their mission is to become the leading provider of personalized and fully-integrated health care solutions with franchising opportunities.

At Modoma, they genuinely care about people, specifically their health. They believe everyone should feel, look, and be their best so they can enjoy all the beautiful things life has to offer. Modoma's ultimate goal is to disrupt traditional health care by offering the most personalized, innovative, and integrated health care experience in the world.

To tell Modoma's story, the brand identity needed to be modern, approachable, soothing,  yet uplifting. The overall aesthetic had to portray trust, confidence, and class. To achive this, shades of blue were combined with curved linework and clean, simple, and bold typography. Because Modoma is a lifestyle brand that appeals to a wide variety of people, the images used depict people in situations that Modoma's audience can relate to. What you're left with in the end is a distinguished look and feel that differentates Modoma from the rest of the health care industry.



Business Card Back - Grid LayoutBusiness Card Back - Grid Layout

Business Cards

Service Information Rack Card - Trigger Point Injections

Marketing Flyers - Free 7-Day VIP Fitness Membership

Marketing Flyers - Introductory Massage Offer

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Group Fitness Member T-Shirts - ModSquad

Magazine Ad - Mother's Day

Magazine Ad - Insurance Covered Massages