Change Management.
We specialize in the skills and expertise required to lead organizations and people through change.

Without change management, there is a major risk of failure when implementing new business strategies. That's because successful change requires your people to adopt new mindsets, processes and technologies in order to reach targets and achieve benefits.

As a result, strategic visions, new technologies, and even perfect planning can only take you part of the way. Change management is needed to bring all the right people and pieces together in ways that maximize benefits and deliver ongoing success. It is the key to making sure the desired outcomes stick with strong adoption and true conversion.

Oberlange's approach to Change Management eliminates risks and shapes the outcomes of change by identifying and supporting the people, processes, and technologies that must be involved in each transition. Our ability to deliver what is needed for success across all areas of operation ensures that moving from the current state to the future state is smooth, successful, and achieves lasting benefits.

Business Processes.
The engines that drive results.

While every business has unique processes, they all start with a common goal – to deliver high-quality, repeatable results as efficiently as possible.  However, as policies change, resources turn over, technology is enhanced, and services are added, existing processes become less viable over time.  Achieving and maintaining excellent performance requires an approach that supports continuous process improvement and optimization.

Oberlange's approach to process improvement has helped businesses in various industries to boost quality, speed cycle times and reduce costs. Our experts work collaboratively with clients to quickly identify the excess steps, unnecessary approvals, exceptions, and workarounds that prevent progress. Then, working together, we rapidly reengineer core business processes so that teams can do their jobs faster, smarter and more easily.  We call it Rapid Process RedesignTM.  The end result?  Better business performance overall.

Training, Design, Development & Delivery.
Training is where ideal solutions meet day-to-day reality.

In this reality, even perfect technologies and processes lose value unless employees are prepared to deliver consistently and completely.  Employee training programs must address a client’s business objectives and solve business problems.  At the same time, they must engage employees in ways that work.

We have extensive experience building well-organized and actionable training programs for every area of business.  Whether you need training support for a major change effort, an employee development initiative, or just to enhance your current training programs, we know how to break down even the most complex ideas in ways that make them easy for people to understand.

Project and Program Management.
Bridging the gap between strategy and execution.

Most important business initiatives require the dedication of a Project Manager to manage timelines, resolve issues, negotiate conflicting priorities, control budgets, communicate progress and more.  When multiple projects are involved, this holds true for an entire program.  It’s one of the most critical roles in business success.

However, important projects fail at an astonishing rate - even under the close watch of skilled and persistent project managers.  Results from recent studies conducted by IBM Global Services, the Project Management Institute, and the Standish Group report that only 39% to 56% of projects are considered successful in meeting their time, budget and quality goals.  Why are these odds not much better than chance?

Projects and programs involve people attempting to achieve something new on a fixed timeline with limited resources. Under these circumstances, success lies beyond the control of even perfect plans. Consistently executing strategic objectives requires the right balance between project management rigor and the ability to effectively and collaboratively deal with change.  As the studies show, organizations that achieve high success rates from their project and program portfolios are typically the ones that have increased their use of standardized project practices and adopted change management processes that increase their adaptiveness to change.

At Oberlange, we incorporate Change Management principles and best practices into everything we do because it produces better results.  When it comes to Project Management, that means going beyond cost, time and quality goals to ensuring that the desired business outcomes are achieved.

Technology Implementation and Adoption.
We can make your technology implementation a success.

You’ve heard the technology implementation horror stories.  Companies embroiled in lawsuits with software vendors.  “Customized” software that, at great expense, fails to replace the functionality of the old system.  The Board of Directors pulling the plug on runaway implementations after millions of dollars have been spent.  Why do so many technology implementations go so badly off-course?

Technology implementations, whether an ERP or a stand-alone solution, are so much more than technology.  Successful implementations require data management, program management, and change management.  They demand upfront visioning and post-go live adoption monitoring and user support.  It is simply not enough to just get the technology working.  After all the money is spent, an implementation’s success depends on the readiness of people to adapt to change and to adopt new processes and technology.

This is where Oberlange consultants excel.  Independent of specific software providers, Oberlange focuses on the business-side of implementations.  Visioning, project planning, program management, process reengineering, training, communications, end-user support, adoption monitoring – just some examples of how Oberlange supports implementations.  We have built our methodology on years of managing successful transitions from pre-implementation uncertainty to post-go-live success.  We understand the commitment it takes to deliver the promised return on investment and our skills and experience help make this commitment possible.

Merger and Acquisition Implementation.
Quickly integrating pieces into a whole to deliver meaningful results on schedule.

Most well-conceived merger transactions promise tremendous financial results, but few produce bottom-line improvement.  Too often, mergers result in frustrated customers, lowered productivity, minimal cost savings and a loss of talent.  What’s to keep your merger from falling into the same trap?  The answer is working with an experienced acquisition integration partner like Oberlange.

Oberlange’s success in merger and acquisition integration comes from our skill in building and managing the vision, approach and integration plans required to deliver promised cost savings and operational efficiencies.  Achieving these results requires exceptional change management, a proven methodology for tackling process and technology elements and an unwavering focus on impacted staff.  Oberlange’s expertise in each of these areas allows us to drive smooth integrations and successful end results.

When Oberlange is involved, whether as facilitators, project managers, or working team members, we involve representatives from both former entities.  Because people best support what they create, we engage key resources collaboratively and create internal ownership.  In addition, we build plans that recognize progress and achieve milestones every 30 days to avoid the “integration fatigue” that has caused many well-conceived mergers to fail.  Finally, by capitalizing on the strengths of each organization, we find we can expand the customer base, improve service and use of technology, increase productivity and communication, accelerate career growth and even generate new career paths.